New Moon pictures from Volterrra (in Sequence!!!)

SPOILER ALERT!!!! These pictures are to the scene where Bella is running to Edward so he does not expose to everyone what he truly is!! THE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!

Song: "Bring me to life" by Evanescence
(I do not own any of the pictures, thanks to you all for posting :D)

What do you guys think of Robert Pattinson shirtless? OME!!!

 Watch it HERE!!!

New Moon - Bella and Edward Vid

Hey! I haven't made that many videos lately, no good songs lol. This video is basically about the same thing as my other videos (yes, I already said that New Moon is my favorite book so I keep making videos about it) So anyway. After "The End" Bella finds her way back home and gets tormented by her memories of Edward.

SONG: "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant
CLIPS: Mainly from Twilight trailers and "The Messengers"
COLOR: Grey = Memories / Color = present.
TIME SPAN: The beginning happens in real time, then the memories are scattered. Whatever is in color represents only a few days in Bella's life. It also includes a bit of Volterra towards the end.

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download the True Blood SoundtracK

well i just got a hold of the soundtracK!

click pic to download!

01 - Jace Everett - Bad Things
02 - Wilco - Far, Far Away
03 - Steve Earle - Feel Alright
04 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red Eyes And Tears
05 - The Children Nightmare - Robotz
06 - Wayne 'The Train' Hancock - Brand New Cadillac
07 - Dixie Chicks - Lullaby
08 - Little Big Town - Bones
09 - ACDC -You Shook Me All Night Long
10 - Blood What True - Say Wat It Do
11 - Phil Phillips - It's Alright
12 - Cat Power - Half Of You
13 - Rusty Truck - Cold Ground
14 - Charlie Robison - Good Times
15 - C.C.Adcock - Y'All'd Think She'd Be Good 2 Me

New Moon FanMix

New Moon FanMix

1 - Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol
2 - Gentle by Aqualung
3 - All The Trees in the Fields Will Clap Their Hands by Sufjan Stevens
4 - We Haven't Turned Around by Gomez
5 - Daisy Chains by Youth Group
6 - What Are You Afraid Of by West Indian Girl
7 - Bliss by Syntax
8 - Indifference by Pearl Jam
9 - I Can Almost Hear You Sigh by The Rolling Stones
10 - Tell Me What It Takes by Lucero
11 - I Want It All by Depeche Mode
12 - I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
13 - You Come In Burned by The Dandy Warhols
14 - You Got Me All Me Wrong by Dios Malos
15 - The Air That I Breathe by The Holllies
16 - Out Of My Hands by Dave Matthews Band
17 - I Grieve by Peter Gabriel
18 - Lonely Day by Phantom Planet
19 - Love Is All Around by The Troggs
20 - Chocolate by Amy Kuney

download here:


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some more music to shareee for you all! :)

so there are 2 albums by Iron & Wine, 3 by Interpol, and 1 by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

download here:

Our Love to Admire
Turn on the BrighT LighTs

Iron & Wine:
download here:

The Sheperd Dogs
Our Endless Number Days

Yeah Yeah Yeahs:
download here:

It's Blitz!

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